• Sam was created by Roger Tychonick a member of the Jaycee’s and became the official mascot on 1967
  • The statue was commissioned to be built by Giorgio Barone (http://www.mhs.mb.ca/docs/people/barone_g.shtml) in 1968
  • The statue of Sam is 11 feet high and weighs about 1500 lbs
  • The cost to build Sam in 1968 was $4,150
  • The statue of Sam was dedicated by Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba Richard S. Boles as a symbol of friendship and goodwill
  • Sam was originally placed in the parking lot at Crossroads Shopping Center
  • Due to the demolition of Woolco, Sam was relocated to the corner of the Crossroads parking lot by Chi Chi’s
  • Sam was relocated again to the parking lot of Canadian Tire
  • Sam came home in 2009, Sam was relocated for the last time by Jean Delorme and a team she put together. Sam now sits on Regent Ave, just before Plessis Street.
  • Location was suggested by Fred Bosko
  • Sam was restored by Murray Rougeau and Peter Martin, and every year gets a little touch up by Murray Rougeau
  • In 1970 Sam statue vandalized
  • In 1977 Sam loses his hat, vandals ruin statue
  • Only 4 people in the history of the Hi Neighbour own a golden Hi Neighbour Sam pendant. George and Qwen Jackson, Jean Delorme, and Rod Black.
  • Did you know that Giorgio Barone not only built our Sam Statue, but he is also responsible for making; The Viking in Gimli, Grouse in Ashern, Tommy the Turtle in Boissevain, The White Horse in St. Francois Xavier, The Ski Bum at McCreary.
Jamus Young said: “My parents, mother pregnant with myself befriended another couple at Transcona’s Hi Neighbour festival back in 1973. Of course, the rigours of parenthood caused these couples to completely lose touch after the babies arrived. Interesting fact here and the point of the story… after 15+ years those babies found their way back to each other with no knowledge of how they were already tied together! Those babies are Denise and I, now happily married and also have been a pair since 1988. Fluke or destiny? I think destiny folks. This is a true story.” 🙂